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The site for the project was in Gilachora, Sylhet in the close vicinity of Hakaluki haor. In the midst of blissful nature I tried to create a simple and humble home that doesn’t impose on the existing landscape ,rather be a backdrop from where you can indulge yourself into nature itself.

The homestead consists of three separate blocks that comprises to make a village “Uthan” where families gather,children play and all the social activities occur.This uthan is the main focal point of the home and can be easily accessed from all three blocks.

I drew my inspiration from Akbar’s “fatehpur Sikri” which uses passage ways to connect various buildings and maintain privacy.The living quarters will enjoy privacy in the backyards as well as easy access to Uthan.




The site for the project is located in the district of Joypurhat, under the division of Rajshahi. It is located in Panchbibi Thana, Ayma Rasulpur Union. name of the village is Khashbatta.
The client of this project is a 70 years old man for his extended family consisting of a total 18 members. Client lives with one of his son and three of his sons lives seperately with their family in a close proximity in present condition.

Due to extensive economic development and introduction of technology and electrical equipments, change has been seen in the family and surrounding environment in a great extent in last few decades. With the enlargement of family, family members specially the children of client built their own house and the former connection between the spaces that was present in earlier days is lost with time.

Recently with the extensive industrialization in the area, brick and concrete roof is the most common and available and socially accepted material. So, I choose brick and concreate as my building material. Plastering and fake decoration is felt unnecessary, so I choose exposed brick as main building material.

Existing waterbodies lost their importance and use with time. In earlier days the central pond was one of the main social gathering space and used for various purposes but in present day it has lost it’s pride. I tried re genarate the pond by making it a part of the landscape and built form. which will ensure the connection between user and nature.

Various tree and vegetation is present all around the site. main tree and historically and environmentally important trees are kept in place and I tried to minimize the cutting down of tree.