The site for the project is located in the district of Joypurhat, under the division of Rajshahi. It is located in Panchbibi Thana, Ayma Rasulpur Union. name of the village is Khashbatta.
The client of this project is a 70 years old man for his extended family consisting of a total 18 members. Client lives with one of his son and three of his sons lives seperately with their family in a close proximity in present condition.

Due to extensive economic development and introduction of technology and electrical equipments, change has been seen in the family and surrounding environment in a great extent in last few decades. With the enlargement of family, family members specially the children of client built their own house and the former connection between the spaces that was present in earlier days is lost with time.

Recently with the extensive industrialization in the area, brick and concrete roof is the most common and available and socially accepted material. So, I choose brick and concreate as my building material. Plastering and fake decoration is felt unnecessary, so I choose exposed brick as main building material.

Existing waterbodies lost their importance and use with time. In earlier days the central pond was one of the main social gathering space and used for various purposes but in present day it has lost it’s pride. I tried re genarate the pond by making it a part of the landscape and built form. which will ensure the connection between user and nature.

Various tree and vegetation is present all around the site. main tree and historically and environmentally important trees are kept in place and I tried to minimize the cutting down of tree.




Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world. The concept of the airport terminal building is generated from or inspired by wave. The basic definition of is that, it transmits or transfers energy and information. An airport terminal is such a space where passenger transfers between ground transportation and aircraft.

The form is also inspired from wave. The directional change of water wave with respect to sunlight creates a soothing pattern inside the wave. This inspires the internal space of the terminal building to have such ambience and, it is brought by creating shade- shadow pattern inside the terminal due to space truss system with respect to sunlight.


The internal space flow is made in such a way that  the ambience of wave can be felt from all the floors and spaces by the combination of solids and voids. This also creates visual connection of one space to another.

The visual connectivity helps the passenger to feel the rush of the airport but also soothens his mind by shade shadow pattern and its change with the change in daytime.

Structural system comprises tree column connected to space truss system joined with ball joint

Metal frame holds 3 aluminium plates located on South, East and West. Only the North has glass plate to permit northern light.



Designing an Airport in Cox’s Bazar, worlds longest sea beach guided to do something in respect to the sea. Thus the concept of this International Airport conforms with the  visualization of series of waves and engulfing into it to give an experience of journey through the long waves. It appears as a series of turbulent waves coming towards the front from a distance and in depth a person goes he may feel like merging into the waves.

Structure is mainly steel beams with concrete columns and purlins through the beams.

ETFE foils on the steel beam structure has been used to build the large span.

The building mass is North south oriented and the ridge valley gaps between two steel beams are used for welcoming light.They are shaded intensionally to diffuse the daylight.